Anime: Battle Programmer Shirase
Episodes: 5
Released: 2003
Rewatch: yes
Type: series

art: 8 - the art has aged well, OP & ED are also really nice
characters: 8 - cute lolies and a loser, perfect combination
cries: 0 - how many times I cried, only affects the score of series
engagement: 8 - got me in its hook from the first episode
humor: 10 - maybe funniest anime I've seen
philosophy: 6 - themes cleverly interleaved in the humor and action
plot: 7 - would have wanted to seen the rest
setting: 7 - regular world beats half-assed fantasy world any day

average: 6.75
without cries: 7.714

While short I think this anime is one of the funniest out there. The protagonist, BPS, is very relatable and a true connoisseur of computers. But not only does he like computers but he also has appreciation to the lolies. The humor is situational and is repeated in a clearly conscious manner. There is also some surprisingly good CGI that I noticed for the first time during this rewatch, most shows to this day do it far worse.

The show unfortunately ends before the story really gets going which is really unfortunate. If it is ever blessed with a remake I promise to watch by legal means and also purchase it.