Anime: Durarara!!
Episodes: 26
Released: 2010
Rewatch: No
Type: series

art: 4 - quality of art varied too noticeable to be enjoyable
characters: 6 - the main trio were probably the worst ones
cries: 0 - came quite close
engagement: 3 - almost felt like dropping, mostly thanks to the art
humor: 5 - doctor and his dad had some funny moments
philosophy: 7 - had some nice philosophical themes sadly often pushed aside for action
plot: 7 - plot had some similarities to death note
setting: 5 - it was ok

average: 4.625
without cries: 5.286

The worst parts about the anime were the variance in the quality of the visual art and the horrible opening and ending themes. The main trio wasn't as interesting as some of the side characters and I feel like they suffered from being high schoolers, an university would have worked better. The plot was really predictable at times.