Anime: Gamers!
Episodes: 13
Released: 2017
Rewatch: no
Type: series

art: 4 - meh
characters: 1 - generic as fuck, especially the MC, almost no side cast
cries: 0 - almost cried for how bad it was
engagement: 3 - only watched because there wasn't enough interesting anime airing
humor: 3 - pretty forced at times
philosophy: 2 - in what way should everyone enjoy games
plot: 5 - pretty convoluted love pentagram
setting: 2 - generic as fuck high school but done badly

average: 2.5
without cries: 2.857

Total trash. It amazes me that there were people who actually liked this show. The characters were unnatural as fuck and the only way they could say such misleading things is if it was intentional.