Anime: Made in Abyss
Episodes: 13
Released: 2017
Rewatch: no
Type: series

art: 10 - really beautiful, especially the scenic shots
characters: 9 - truly cared for them
cries: 7 - this is the kind of stuff I'm looking for in anime
engagement: 10 - was anxiously waiting for each episode
humor: 6 - just the right amount to lighten the mood sometimes
philosophy: 8 - deals with the unknown and with how we would try to survive in such harsh conditions
plot: 8 - really interesting with some unexpected plot twists
setting: 10 - the abyss and the different floors are very interesting, I would like to see more of the town as well

average: 8.5
without cries: 8.714

Really good show. A lot of people apparently passed on it because of the chibi art style and those people are making a huge mistake.

The abyss is really interesting and actually a real threat. Art of the show really brings the place alive and a lot of detail is put in every scene.

The double length final episode brings the show into a really satisfying end. I really hope it's successfull enough that we get a second season reasonably soon.