Anime: Mahoujin Guru Guru
Episodes: 24
Released: 2017
Rewatch: no
Type: series

Octagon graph of the scores

art: 10 - Both the art-style and the music were perfect for this show
characters: 10 - If only we got to see more of them
cries: 10 - At the end I was crying at almost every episode
engagement: 9 - I could have only been more engaged if I had more stamina
humor: 10 - Hands down the funniest show I've seen
philosophy: 8 - Power of love and friendship will conquer all!
plot: 10 - Finally a real fucking story that actually progresses
setting: 10 - Intentionally generic fantasy but funny as hell

average: 9.75
without cries: 9.714

As you can see from the scores I absolutely love this show. I found out about it through a Reddit post and after watching a video by 2ndlook which compares the original 1994 anime with this remake I decided to give it a try. I'm eternally thankful for 2ndlook for making that video that convinced me to watch Mahoujin Guru Guru.

Best way I could describe it is that it starts as a satire of RPG and Anime tropes like Konosuba but goes so much further. The characters are very lovable, the story progresses in every episode and there is some actual character development.

What some people might be put off by is the pacing of the show which is unbelivably fast and it keeps the pace until the very end. This is one of the rare shows that despite really enjoying I couldn't watch more than a few episodes in a row. So be warned, binging it might not be the best idea.

There is just so much happening every minute of the show and there is a great deal of attention given to every detail. Watch this show!