Anime: New Game!!
Episodes: 13
Released: 2017
Rewatch: no
Type: series

art: 6 - very clean and colorful
characters: 7 - many likable and interesting characters
cries: 3 - nenecchi's commitment is what got me
engagement: 6 - easily engaging enough to have me waiting for episodes
humor: 6 - pretty ok humor
philosophy: 2 - it's a moeblob show, what did you expect
plot: 6 - most interesting part was Nene's game
setting: 7 - haven't watched any other anime set in a game company, it's pretty nice

average: 5.375
without cries: 5.714

The show is really cute and characters really likeable. Great for relaxing after hard day of working. Nothing too dramatic or unexpected ever happens but that isn't really expected from a feelgood show.

Nenecchi is obviously the best girl.