Anime: Re:Zero
Episodes: 25
Released: 2016
Rewatch: no
Type: series

art: 7 - pretty ok
characters: 6 - MC is generic and bland, some ok characters
cries: 3 - not many moments that made me cry
engagement: 7 - I was quite engaged
humor: 5 - good amount of jokes, though bad ones
philosophy: 4 - no real philosophical themes except as an excuse for action
plot: 4 - really generic revival story
setting: 5 - cookie cutter fantasy world

average: 5.125
without cries: 5.429

This anime didn't really leave any sort of strong impression on me. Best way I could describe it is as an unoparody of KonoSuba. The MC was really generic and his reaction to being suddenly transported to a new world was really unrealistic. The art gets better during action sequences but outside of those it's quite standard apart from the CGI which is really apparent and uncanny at times. Supporting cast has some more interesting characters but apart from a few they are really one dimensional.