Anime: Youjo Senki
Episodes: 12
Released: 2017
Rewatch: no
Type: series

art: 6 - quite generic, no noticeable flaws
characters: 5 - nothing special
cries: 0 - didn't cry once
engagement: 7 - quite engaging
humor: 4 - serious show, couple funny moments
philosophy: 4 - regular action anime tier
plot: 5 - quite generic resurrection story
setting: 7 - world war I with mages is quite nice

average: 4.75
without cries: 5.429

I think the fact that I had already forgotten I saw this anime couple of days after finishing it says something. I initially dropped it when it was airing because I didn't like the look of the loli MC, when finishing the show it didn't bother me as much towards the end. Best thing that can be said about this anime is that it's that it's from the side of the russians. The whole resurrection genre is kind of starting to annoy me.