Even though Toddy's sightings were really normal and they were still really nice after being sick and not leaving the house for two days.

The first children I saw were a group of kindergartners walking towards the mall when I was biking to work. When I biked past I heard many of them make silly sounds and it really set of the day to a good start. For some reason they were holding to these rope loops instead of each other's hands, I wonder if this was for better grip or because of overprotective parents.

During lunch at a sushi place on the table next to us sat two little girls who were around 10 or so. I wish I could have seen more of them but they sat on the same side as me so it was kind of hard to try to stare at them without others noticing. One of the girls had quite blonde hair and the other a bit more orange. It's quite hard to describe them since Americans would probably describe both just as blonde but the colors were quite different.

After those girls had left another mom with her two little girls sat on that table, this time one sat on the opposite side to me so I could look at her quite peacefully. The one on the opposite side was older, around 6. And on my side behind the mother sat her sister who was around 3 or 4. The younger one I only got to look at very briefly when we were leaving. Both of these girls had really light blonde hair, not quite white but getting there.

When leaving I also saw couple other little girls, one had really straight dark brown hair, and one had shortish lighter brunette hair. They were both around 4 or 5 and absolutely adorable. The darker haired one was just going to get food and the lighter haired one just came in from the door and was next to the coat hangers.

There was also one last girl I saw during the dinner at a Chinese restaurant. She was around 5 or 6 and I looked at her eat for a while when I was leaving.