After spending most of yesterday inside, apart from visiting the store where I saw in total three little girls, I decided to go for a walk. Spring is clearly coming and I took my jacket inside after seeing how warm it was outside.

I decided to go hang out on the yard of a nearby elementary school. On my way there I saw a young boy and girl trying to break some ice. At the school yard I decided to sit in a swing which had a reasonably good view to the part of a playground where there were people. Next to that part there is also a football field with a fence made of thin metal bars around it, this is to prevent the balls from escaping the area. On the yard side in a jungle gym there was a little girl and a little boy.

What I was more interested in however were three girls that I would guess to be on second grade that were playing in the football field. They mostly just kept climbing the fence. They also had this weird lightweight disc that was made out of some foil type material and a hula-hoop or something similar, it stuck to the fence due to the wind. I sat there observing them until clouds covered the sun and I had to start moving to keep warmer. I walked to a bench on the side of the football field. On my way there I watched the girls wrestle a bit and run around.

The bench faces away from the football field so I couldn't really comfortably creep on the older girls anymore but the young girl from the jungle gym, she was about 3 years old, decided she was more interested in jumping in pools of water and waving a stick so since she was reasonably close to me I decided to observe her actions and just listen to the older girls. When the girls left the football field and walked from behind me to the street I could hear very furious whispering between them. Then on the street they kept looking back at me every few meters. When they were already quite far they stopped and turned to me and we looked at each other briefly. Then one yelled "Hi!" at me and I waved back at her. She told her friends "He waved back!" quite loudly. After this she slapped her butt while looking at me and the girls started giggling and I laughed as well. Then they left and I decided to sit there for a bit longer and a few other girls around their age walked and biked past.

After this I decided to go to the store to get some oil. On my way there I saw a few girls from afar. When walking home from the store I decided to use the longer route which passes the school so I could possibly see more girls but there was only one that I saw on that trip, it was a girl who lives straight from my balcony on the other side of a small parking lot and I sometimes see her play with her friends on that parking lot. She was leaving with her bike somewhere.