As the readers of this blog might already know, I have a habit of reading outside. Today just when I was about to switch from my first book to the second I see Roosa, Emilia and Liisa arrive to the school and almost immediately see me sitting at the top of some stairs. This time I am reading on a different spot since it rains a little and I don't want my book to get wet. Immediately they run to me and start asking if I have chocolate or anything good. I let them taste the candy I have. It is balls that are composed of a liquorice covered in white chocolate and a layer of salmiakki powder on top of that. None of them really like it. The girls act all silly and Emilia goes under the stairs and wants me to pour my water on her, I pour a little bit. Emilia also tells me that Roosa is coming to her place for a sleepover tonight. I get quite nervous when the girls start climbing on the railing and we're quite high up. I try to get them to stop and lift them off of it when it starts to look too dangerous.

After a while Roosa has had enough of the climbing and starts to just talk to me about stuff and we watch the other two keep goofing around. Suddenly she tells me "You smoke!". I try to convince her that I don't and she demands to see that I don't have any cigarettes in my bag. I show her and she tells me that both of her parents stopped smoking. Emilia had also been listening to us and told me that it's because my parents won't allow me to, to which I reply that I don't live with them anymore. I'm really happy that Roosa is concerned about that since I personally find smoking very disgusting. I hope none of the girls ever start smoking. I've actually had a crush on Roosa for some time and I've observed her from my balcony or through a window whenever she has been playing outside. Another notable thing from our talks was Roosa asking me about what time I come to the school tomorrow. I interpret this to mean that she would like to see me again tomorrow and I am really happy about it. Quite suddenly an influx of teenagers come to the school and I start to get quite uncomfortable about them seeing me with the girls. I start heading home and the girls try to delay me almost all the way there.

After doing some things at home I put my food into the oven and head outside for the duration it should take. I head to the same school that I was at before since it's the closest one and more importantly because I might see the girls again. Sure thing about the halfway there I meet two of the girls again, Roosa and Emilia. We talk about random stuff again while walking to the school. This time since the sky is clear I decide to go to my main reading spot at this school. When we're there the girls start to climb to a pergola. While they climb I get a good view of their butts, especially Roosa's.

After a while they notice some older girls that they know from somewhere, I think Emilia says something about one being her aunt but I'm not really sure if I hear correctly. So the girls go play with the older girls and I decide to start reading my book. Later Emilia runs to me and tells me to come help her and that the older girls are bullying her. I can't really help with something like that, I'm not in that big hurry to ruin this. She goes back to playing with them. The girls move to a set of swings that I can see. Again Emilia gets upset with them and comes to hang around with me. We talk about whatever pops into our heads. One thing I learned about her is that she is starting the 2nd grade in around a week, this means she is around 7 or 8. Roosa is probably the same age. At one point Emilia asks me to hold her hand since she wants to drop down from the bench on her knees. Her hand is really soft, just like Roosa's was. She is very angry at the older girls and she sometimes yells things to them. She flipped them off and shook her butt towards them. Afterwards she demonstrated it to me as well and I find more arousing than offending.

Eventually we all start walking back home and on the way Emilia tells me and Roosa that if she meets the older girls again she'll beat them up. Me and Roosa start laughing and she tells me that Emilia is a really silly person. When we are next to their homes Emilia yells to me "See you tomorrow!" It's quite nice that she is also looking forward to seeing me. I'm really happy that I got to see (some of) the girls real up close again instead of just from far away.