Today I once again went to swim at the swimming hall. Straight when I step into the changing room I see a girl who is around 5 and completely naked. She is a bit to the chubbier side but not much. The route to the other aisles is pretty jammed so I "have to" stop and wait for it to clear. This gives me a chance to check her out for pretty long time. After getting past that I head to my usual aisle. When I turn to the aisle I see two very pretty girls, twins. They are either 4 or possibly getting closer to 5 already. One of them is almost completely naked with just panties on and the other has already taken those off as well. While I undress I get to watch them goof around while they wait for their dad to undress as well. They are really pretty and they have fantastic butts. I also get a really good look at their little cunnies. When I'm heading to the shower area they go back and forth couple of times so I get to see their butts jiggle as they walk. It's really nice when the two of them walk next to each other like that. At the showers I see yet another girl, she is around 3 or 4 years old. I only get a good look at her back side and at her very straight blonde hair. Blondes are really common in Finland. I also see the twins walk around in the shower area. On my other side I spotted yet another girl, at least 4 years old, unlike other girls she wasn't naked, instead she was wearing a frozen swimsuit. At this point resisting the boner is starting to get too difficult even for me so while I still only have a semi I head to the men's sauna to cool my head off.

The swim wasn't as nice this time as the tracks were all really crowded. After I was done I headed back to the showers and when I get there I immediately spot two little girls, one around 3 years old Finn and the other a 2 year old Indian. I watch them as I take my stuff to the little storage things on the wall. After this I take a very quick shower and go to the kids' sauna. When I get in there the sauna only has three other men and me but pretty soon after a dad gets in with this pretty tiny girl, around 2 years old. The girl is talking to her father but I can't figure out a single word she is saying and judging by the dad's responses he can't either. A bit later another dad gets in with around a 4 year old girl. They sit next to me but sadly the dad is between me and the girl. She starts talking to her dad about things they'll do after they get out of the sauna. I listen to her talk for a while and it's really pleasant and then two more girls get in with their dad. This time it's sisters, 2 and 4. They decide to sit on the bottom step because there is no space at the top. However the younger one doesn't really want to sit on the step since it's hot and she doesn't want to burn her butt so she asks her dad to pour some water on it first. Her nice older sister gets up and pours her some water instead and then she sits down happily. I sit in the sauna and enjoy looking at the sisters since they are right in front of me so it doesn't look awkward if I look at their direction. There was also another girl that I saw through the sauna's glass door but only briefly. I leave almost immediately after the first girl that came into the sauna.

After showering a bit when getting my stuff from the storage things I look at the direction of the saunas just as the rest of the girls are coming out. I get a really great view of all of their bodies. The girls are really pretty and their skin looks so soft. After getting to the changing room I decide to sit outside of the aisle on the corridor since the aisle is a bit full and there aren't as good chances of seeing the little girls walking past from there. As I change I spot some other clothed girls. Suddenly the first girl from the sauna pops up in front of me. She has covered herself with her towel but her butt is completely visible. It's quite funny and I look at her spin around when she is trying to spot her dad. She sits almost next to me, on the other side of all my stuff, and starts putting her clothes on. When I leave I smile at her a bit. Overall this felt like a really successful visit and it was nice to see so many older girls this time.