Unfortunately during the second swimming trip last week I didn't really see anything noteworthy. There were couple of girls at the swimming hall at the time I was about to leave but they were at the other end of the changing room. This week I tried Tuesday to see if it's better for eye diddling little girls or not. Also this post is a bit late since I've just been pretty tired overall this week.

At first when I walked in there was a cute little girl, around 3 getting undressed. She was wearing a white and pink shirt and yellow panties. Her dad was pretty alert so there wasn't any comfortable spot near her where I could see her. As I was undressing myself they walked past me to the shower area and I got to see her naked for a small while. By the time I got to the shower area myself the father had already half dressed her in her pink swim suit. When I'm selecting a shower there is a very small girl, probably not yet even 3 yet, dancing in one of the showers. She is having a lot of fun but unfortunately the only free shower was behind her shower wall so I only saw a part of her dance. There was also a fat girl, she is probably that way because of her parents' divorce or something like that so I feel bad for her.

After swimming I don't see any little girls in the showers but luckily there is one in the sauna. She is also around 3 and has small red bow tie at the back of her hair. She didn't stay for the sauna for very long after I came in but luckily she came back after a very short while. This time she wanted to play some kind of guessing game with her dad and it made me really happy that I got to listen to her very pretty angel voice. I did also see her kitty for a bit when she was trying to decide where she'll sit. After we'd both gotten out of the shower I also observed her at the shower for a while. Just as I'm about to leave I see the first girl of the day, the yellow pantie, come to the shower area from the pool area. She sure spent a lot of time swimming.