So this time the second swimming trip fell on Saturday. I was cautiously optimistic before I even got to the hall because it would make sense for working parents to bring their kids to the swimming hall on Saturday. As I arrived to the hall I kind of got my confirmation, there were a lot of dad's coming out with their cute little girls.

In the changing area there weren't any girls unfortunately but I saw one girl in some kind of swimsuit get in the shower area so I had my hopes up for seeing some there. Just as I got to the shower area I saw one girl go to the sauna so I just showered very quickly and went in as well. In the sauna I positioned myself so that I could comfortably watch her the whole time. The girl was about 4 and quite pretty. Another girl that was 5 got in with her dad and sat right next to me but she was black and I don't have much interest in that. I kept looking at the first girl, she also spent quite a lot of time looking at me back, until she left. After that I decided to fill the water bucket on my way out and while I was filling it there was a real pretty blonde girl with shortish hair showering right in front of me. I watched her the whole duration it took to fill the bucket and after bringing it back to the sauna I selected a shower where I could continue watching her, though I could only do this for a bit before she left.

Swimming was pretty OK, the lanes all had people but not in excessive amounts. At the end though this grandpa who would have been better suited for the slow lanes came to mine and I had to move to the fastest lane. When I was getting out of the pool there were two cute girls, around 7 or 8 years old, who were trying to hold their breath.

After swimming there was only one small girl, probably still a bit under 3 in the shower area. After my first trip to the sauna there were a couple more, one was Asian and another one that was quite chubby. I went for a second round in the sauna in hopes that more girls would arrive. In the sauna was another Asian girl. Unfortunately the spot I had to sit at wasn't very ideal for checking her out. After I got out of the sauna there were suddenly a huge amount of little girls at the showers. At first I counted 7, they were all either 3 or 4 years old but then after showering I went to the small storage things where I had my water bottle and I saw another two come in and another two who were still at the changing area. The two still back at the changing area were very clearly twins. Most of these girls were probably coming for a swimming class. There was one half-Asian girl who had just come from swimming and while I pretended to dry my stuff and myself I watched her strip out of her swimsuit and it was very titillating. I also got a very good and close look at the twins because they came through the doorway to the shower area just as I was about to go through it to the changing area.

So the Saturday was, just as expected, a pretty great day to go swimming if judged by the amount of girls I saw. Also the swimming itself wasn't as horrible as I would have thought, I expected there to be more swimmers and for them to be mostly slow ones.