Today I went to the swimming hall very late compared to the time I usually go. As I got to the lockers I usually use, I saw a cute girl trying to reach this device on the wall that tells from your NFC key which locker was yours. She was just barely holding onto her towel as she was reaching to it and I was waiting for it to fall. Well, unfortunately it didn't fall but just moments later she was just running around naked without the towel while her dad was getting their stuff out of the locker. Our eyes also met for a moment, I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. It was pretty great.

Just as I was about to go into the sauna two blonde girls got out with their parents. I look at them for a while as they are finding free showers but then I get into the sauna. Unfortunately there are no more girls in the sauna. Afterwards as I'm showering I observed yet another blonde girl playing with her brother. She was quite pale and very pretty. She also had a very nice little pussy.

I didn't get a chance to swim today. I checked the pool on a few occasions but it was way too full of people for any kind of real swimming. So instead I just had pretty long sauna sessions which was nice in itself. There weren't many girls around during that time, I only saw a couple younger ones, maybe 2 and 3, of them walk past very briefly. When I started washing myself however there was another girl, brunette this time, playing with her older brother almost at the same spot where the other girl had played with hers earlier. Both of the girls were around 4 and very pretty in different ways. I also saw another 3 year old girl around at the showers but never got a good look at her until I got to my locker and she was almost next to me. While her dad was unrolling her clothes I got a pretty nice look at her all around. One thing that really stuck to my mind how pink her kitty was compared to the rest of her body.

While biking back home Roosa was standing at a bus stop along the way with who I think was her mother. Our eyes met and I think she recognized me. She was as beautiful as ever and I felt quite sad that I haven't been able to talk to her since last summer.