Today was an awfully hot day, just like most of this summer has been. After work I decided to go to the swimming hall and it was absolutely packed with people. There were great amounts of absolutely lovely, sexy and adorable little girls everywhere.

At the changing room I already saw a couple of little girls, one was wrapped in her towel and another was naked but facing the other way and her dad was looking towards me. They had already finished so I didn't get a chance to see either of them again. Next girl I saw was in the shower area. She was around 2 years old and quite adorable. In the sauna she wanted to be the one to throw the water on the stove and she got to do that. I was sitting across from her so she was presenting her little body to me the whole time.

After she had left I decided to take another round in the sauna in case any girls come and lo and behold some did. They were three girls one around 3, 4 and 5 years old. Based on their conversation I assume that the two younger girls were sisters and the oldest one was their cousin. The youngest one sat on her father's lap and I got a direct view to her little coochie. The 4 year old sat with one knee to her chest but facing a bit away from me so I didn't get a perfect look at her little kitty but still a decent one. The oldest one sat with her both legs down normally so I couldn't really see hers until she moved. Last time I had an epiphany of how beautiful the pubic mound of a little girl is so I also paid quite a lot of attention to those. While I was putting on my swimming trunks I saw the girls showering and got a nice full frontal view of the two younger girls and a nice view of the oldest one's backside.

The swimming was really annoying this time since the lanes were all so over crowded. When arriving at one end I didn't notice a person and almost bumped to her. When I looked up it was a really cute girl, around 10 years old. She had nice smile which showed her braces. I said "sorry" and asked her if she is going. She said I can go first and I was about to when some woman quite rudely cut me. I told her "I guess I won't.", waited a bit, and then went. She swam behind me for a couple hundred meters and as she was getting up from the pool I got a really nice look of her very timid and round behind. Her purple and red swimsuit had slid quite much to her crack so I got to see a lot of skin as well. My face was maybe 30 centimeters from it when she rose and she still only a half a meter away when she stopped for a bit to talk about something with her mom. I did not hear what it was about because I was so focused on her butt.

After swimming when I arrived to the shower area there was a huge amount of the traffic at the door. In the middle of the traffic I noticed a very cute little girl either 4 or 5 years old. She had a similar messy hair look that is sometimes seen in makeup or some other women's product advertisements. Her facial features were very beautiful and looked almost mature but this was complemented by her extremely younger eyes. She will probably look more (conventionally) beautiful than most supermodels when she is an adult. As I slowly, not intentionally but due to the traffic, I noticed that her eye was fixated on my penis. After she stopped looking at it she looked at my face and I smiled at her. We went to the sauna at about the same time. I spent a lot of the time looking at her but had to keep it somewhat discreet because this fat man was constantly looking at me suspiciously. At some point she left the sauna but had to wait for her dad and her little brother so she stood in front of the glass door of the sauna. I now got a very nice look of her body and saw that she has a very nice curve down her back to her tiny butt and very nicely curved pubic mound. Earlier I had only seen a very quick glimpse of her tiny pussy in the middle of the crowd.

I left the sauna before her dad and picked a shower from which I could observe her while she waits for her dad. She didn't have to wait for long and afterwards they started to look for a free shower. They didn't find one so they waited in front of the shower group where I was showering so I got to look at her a little bit longer. Around this time an another girl around 5 years old, a bit plumper one, came in a white swimsuit with hearts in it. I watched her take it off under the shower but very soon moved my focus to the girl with the messy hair look since she was just so beautiful. As I was leaving the showers I also saw two sisters, around 3 and 4 years old come near the shower group. They were quite nice looking but I couldn't really stay there without looking suspicious.

At the changing room I got a nice little surprise. The messy haired girl's locker was almost right next to mine. While I was dressing I got to watch her dry herself and then dress up. I was maybe less than a meter away from her at times and when I was checking out her body I was drawn to her very nipples which were very tiny and point with a very slight pink shade to them. I also got a closer look at her little cunny but I spent more time looking at those nipples.

After leaving at the gates was a group of 3 girls who were either 10 or 11 years old. They were having troubles getting the gates to open so I just stood behind them for a bit observing them. A bit later they told me to pass them because so I did. After that I sat down on the first bench outside and started taking my notes of the swim. Usually I do this right after dressing up but I couldn't this time because of the people around me. Bit later the girls walked past me while I was taking the notes. Then a little girl, around 3 years old started running around the bench and another that apparently her mom was sitting in. After she decided she was done running around them she started climbing their backside. She climbed mostly in the bench I was sitting in and every now and then she'd ask me "What?", probably because her silliness made me laugh. I would just reply "Nothing." to her and she would continue her climbing.

Sorry for the extra long post.