This actually happened on the previous night when I was hungry and went to get some food from a little restaurant very near to my home. I went in and started making my order. While I was ordering I noticed Emilia and her super scary grandma, who I so often hear yelling at her, sitting in a table quite near the counter. I don't know if the grandma noticed me but Emilia most certainly did. I tried to not look towards them since that woman really scares me. The whole time I was there I could feel Emilia watching myself. My food was finished right about when they were leaving so I quickly retrieved it and went home to eat it.

Today while I was walking to one of my usual reading spots I passed the nearby school. On the schools football field a group of black men were playing football and I saw two kids working as sort of ball boys or whatever one would call them. They both had a floorball stick that they used to hit the balls as well. Then I recognized one of the kids, it was Liisa. The other one was a boy her age whose name I don't know. I continued walking and as I was about to pass the spot where the kids were Liisa noticed me and started approaching me. She was panting like a dog and I made some remarks to her about that. She was smiling so I think she was happy to see me. First she blocked my way and I went around her. The boy asked me who I was and before I got a chance to answer to him Liisa was already trying to hit me with her stick. Blocking hits from a 6 year old is not too difficult and I know she wasn't doing it out of malice. Trying to hit an adult kind of a fun game for a kid and I can remember myself doing that as well. Well, I kept blocking her hits and every now and then faked that I'd run after her and catch her and she'd run away for a bit before noticing that I'd actually just continued walking the other way. The boy had probably seen me go in or out of the building I live in so he asked me if that's where I live to which I replied with a simple "yes". The game with Liisa continued for a bit until I was too far from the game and the kids returned to the field. Liisa also yelled some things to me but I couldn't really make out what she was saying.