Last week when I was biking home from work I passed two of the girls I played with last summer. They were the ones from the post 2017-06-13, Maria and Liisa. I hadn't seen Maria so close for a quite a while so that's why I felt the need to mention this minor thing at the beginning of this post. She waved at me very shyly, probably because she didn't know if I'd react in any way. I waved back at her and smiled. I'm glad she still wants to greet me when she sees me.

Back to this week and this evening when I once again went swimming. The weather today was quite good compared to the rest of the summer which has been unbearably hot. The first girl I saw at the hall was in the sauna. She was a 4 year old blonde. I saw her little cunnie briefly when I walked in, the rest of the time her dad's knee was blocking the view. She had a nice braid and seemed to enjoy herself. I did get to see a glimpse of her cunnie and butt as well when she left the sauna. Almost immediately afterwards an another girl came to the sauna with her dad. She was at least 5 and had dark brown and straight hair. I found her nose, lips and eyes especially attractive. She had a very soft voice. She sat behind her dad's leg as well so I couldn't really get to check her little kitty out except when she walked in. She had a lot rounder butt than the previous girl and it bounced nicely as she walked. I left the sauna almost immediately after her but I didn't get to see her at the shower area as I had hoped to.

At the showers however were two other girls. First one I saw was a girl who was about 5 years old and looked quite familiar. I assumed I had seen her at the hall before and when I passed her and looked back I saw a birthmark just above her butt in the middle, this confirmed my suspicion. It was a girl I had seen in the post 2017-03-28. She still looks stunning and still has a fantastic butt.

The next girl I saw was an another 4 year old blonde. I didn't really get a good look of her at first but then as I was about to go to the side to put on my swimming gear I saw her walking to the faucet at the wall and kneeling below it. She put her head under it and opened her mouth and drank from it. This quite naturally made me imagine that the faucet was a penis and she was drinking pee. The faucet also happens to be at the height that a regular height man's penis would be. She is faced towards me at an angle and I get a really nice view of her body as she drinks. At times she stops and looks at me and after a bit continues. She keeps drinking until her dad comes and they leave. At the end I begun having harder time resisting the boner so maybe that was for the best. I made an ASCII illustration of her for this post.

During the swim on the track next to me there were a group of kids around the ages 9 and 10 training with their swimming instructor. Whenever they stopped at the end to hear the instructions I also stopped for a bit to look at the group's girls. I also got some nice views of their butts under water while swimming. After the swim at the showers I saw three 4 year olds but none up close or extended periods so I can't really tell anything that interesting about them.

Thank you for reading.