As i was approaching one of my usual reading spots I saw couple of kids playing a bit ahead from it. When I sat down to read I saw them go to the bushes in my peripheral vision. A bit later as I was trying to read I heard them come out of the bushes talking quite loudly.

It was a boy and a girl. Now I recognized the girl as Liisa, whom you might remember from quite a few of my past posts, including this one. The boy was the same one I had seen with her quite recetly. It took a bit for them to recognize to me but once they did they immediately walked to me and started bombarding me with questions about where I'd been and other such things.

They sat to the bench next to me and started asking me if i wanted to know what they did in the bush. I had already heard them talk about it pretty loudly when they got out so I declined their offer. They kept trying to get me to admit that I wanted to hear but since this didn't bear fruit Liisa ordered the boy to tell me anyways.

The boy said in quite loud voice:

She pooped in the bush!

After which Liisa exclaimed:

and you pooped in the school yard

They kept yelling about it to each other for a bit. Liisa told the boy she'd go tell his mom what he had done and then the boy started chasing her for some time. At this point I had gave up with the reading until they'd leave.

After a while they calmed down a bit and decided to start telling me "jokes". They were more just wordplays but that's what they called them. They were mostly in the form of telling another person to say something and then forming some kind of pun or some other wordplay from it

One such "joke" would crudely translate to something like the following:

Say "own".


Pull your pants down.

I let them "trick" me into saying the things a few times but after that I just declined them and they started telling them to each other. While they were doing it I started packing my things and started leaving. They told me they'd follow me and after that didn't work they threatened to go to my door. Since that didn't work either Liisa yelled that she'd go tell their principal and that he'd break my door so they can go eat my sweets.

When I was a bit further away I looked back and Liisa had pulled her pants down. She was also sliding her panties to her ankles as well. She slid them up and down several times. And afterwards they started walking to the opposite direction and that was it for this little interaction.