What I think is wrong with the movement against ads

There are groups of people on the internet who think they dislike advertisements and try to fight them. They use ad blockers and make sites that encourage people to use them. What these people don't know is that they don't dislike ads, they just dislike commercial and malicious advertisements. If the web only had good advertisements most of these people would not use ad blockers and they would be happy to see those advertisements.

What exactly do I mean by a "good advertisement"? To me a good advertisement is something that is not intrusive, leads to something that interests me and doesn't serve me malware. Most of the advertisements on the Internet exist to make money but I think they could be used better than that. If the people who currently are fighting against advertising by using ad blockers would allow good advertisements we could start working for better web all around. Easiest way to serve users advertisements that interest them would be to just serve advertisements that fit into the site's theme, not tracking everyone.

Currently most of the users only use a small handful of big sites, and how could they not when that is all that they are offered. The top results on search engines tend to skew towards bigger sites over time which eventually leads to sort of position we are in today. The way most of these sites make money is with advertisements, either directly or indirectly.

I think that these people should start working on a new advertising network which goal is to make the web a better place instead of maximizing the revenues. Advertisements on this new network would be only for small sites that do not profit from advertisements. And the advertisements themselves should have really strict rules on what technologies they could use and how they could look, for example only allow pure image advertisements and only allow sexual content on advertisements in specific categories. The advertisements should not have any prices of products being sold and ideally no pictures of the products either.

Funding the advertising network would definitely be a hard problem to solve because putting up your advert should be free and easy. A donation model would probably be the best way to fund this campaign, maybe there are enough people who are displeased with the current state of the world wide web. The advertising network shouldn't pay the people who include the advertisements on their sites either because this would eventually corrupt the system.

These are the opinions I've formed over time while trying to think of how to make the discovery of small and interesting sites on the net easier and how to overthrow the big websites. I have thought about a tree of categories for links, a tag based website, possibly voting for these and just regular list of links but none of these make spontaneous discovery easy and only really work when you know what you're looking for. There is also the "friend network" where everyone puts the websites of their friends on their own page, but these links change very infrequently and the circles can be a small at times.

In time this network could possibly also start fighting against other malicious things on the internet such as fingerprinting javascript, tracking cookies and CNDs that block Tor, such as CloudFlare.