What Feminist movement has wrong about diversity

When I was reading the program for LibrePlanet 2016 there were two talks that caught my eye more than the others. Those two talks are "Effective outreach in four steps" and "Trans Code: Free software as model & critique of diversity by transgender hackers". The reason these two caught my eye is that in my opinion they are incredibly sexist, especially the latter one.

The issue I have with these talks and third wave feminists, who have for some time now infected free and open source software communities, is that they severely misunderstand the notion of diversity. These people only focus on a few superficial features such as someone's race, their sex, who they want to bang and if they feel like they were born to the right body. I have no problem with people who differ in any of these ways but I do have problem with people who think that just because person differs in these ways they are more valuable and that it alone makes them unique.

Uniqueness to me comes from people's thoughts, their experiences and their personality, not their looks or attractions. Even though I am white hetero cis male I do not think that there is a single person on this planet who has all the same opinions, emotions and behaviour as me.

Another problem I have with third wave feminism and their push for roughly equal proportions of men and women in fields. Since seeing NRK's documentary titled "The Gender Equality Paradox" I've started looking critically at people who push other people to join fields they might not like. What also seems very odd about this very vocal movement is that many of the people pushing for girls to work as engineers or whatnot don't do that work themselves, they are pressuring other people to do work they themselves wouldn't want to do.

Another thing about the movement is that even tho the summary of the Trans Code talk says that "free software offers powerful models and critiques of the lack of gender diversity in the free software movement" the third wave feminist is actively censoring people whose views differ from theirs.

The way to "break down the barriers to technology and to participation" is not by discriminating on white, cis, hetero or males, contrary to what third wave feminists would have you believe. Instead the opinion that these things are completely irrelevant when it comes to programming and people's contributions should be encouraged.