Hacker News, why did I even return there

About a month ago I returned to Hacker News for the fourth time. I made a new account and started commenting on things I care about. It took only around two weeks for me to get shadow banned. The ban message said "We've banned this account for breaking the HN guidelines." The ban message cited no rules from the guidelines, and there is no time limits in these bans. I tried to respond to the moderator or whoever banned me asking why I was banned but I never received an answer. This has happened to all my past accounts as well, if you make any controversial comments on Hacker News you'll get shadowbanned.

Hacker News only has permanent bans, this is pretty bad design and I've seen a large number of people who consistently make high quality comments and contribute to the discussion being shadowbanned. When shadowbanned only people who have logged in and have specifically opted-in to seeing so called "dead" posts will see them. "Dead posts" are posts from people who are shadowbanned and posts that have received enough downvotes.

People who have been shadowbanned also have some arbitrary limit on how many times they can post in what time. In my experience this is something like 2 posts every 3 hours. There have been many sides to discussions that I haven't been able to bring forward because of this.

The voting system that Hacker News has is horrible. The community exhibit all of the bad things that I mention in my voting ramble. Hacker News is a prime example of how not to implement voting in your internet community.

Hacker News also tries to block Tor. It is a tad bit annoying it doesn't really stop Tor users since the site owners are fairly incompetent. What is annoying about it however is that the userbase pretends to care about privacy, anonymity and cybersecurity whenever the very rare thread concerning those comes up but no one ever brings up the problems with Hacker News itself. I'm starting to think that they all keep up that role of being patriots for privacy just for the public image instead of them actually caring about it.

At least the community in Hacker News must be good, right? No. It's terrible. I have yet to find another place on the internet other than darknet crime forums where people put as much value on money. The users also make submissions that are very blatant advertising all the time and the topics about salaries are very sad read, there are people who are ashamed because they make ONLY 70k USD a year. At least it's not all "X in Y lines of Z" posts anymore, they have gotten bit more clever about trying to get their resume out there. It's relatively rare to see a commenter who is trying to advocate something for the benefit of other people.